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Traveling consumes a huge part of my life. I travel the world with my family, to see different things, but also to experience different cultures, communities, social norms, and languages. Which is a huge reason as to why I'm in Global Studies today. To help shape how I can be a better global citizen


At a young age I have been exposed to different societies and the cultures within those different communities. Half of my family lives in Peru, so I go every year or so. I've been to Spain, Belgium, Amsterdam, Portugal, Mexico, Greece, Italy and Puerto Rico. Every country I've been to has held a special place in my heart and the experiences I've had are things I won't forget about.

When I traveled to Belgium in 2020 it was right at the escalation of the pandemic, it was interesting seeing everything shutting down in a whole different environment, because people were posting signs of wearing masks, but no one was panicking. Meanwhile when I came back home it felt like the end of the world, people were rushing to markets just taking anything they could find at that point. I went from being into such a relaxed; less panicked environment to apocalypse mode. Which is such an eye-opening reality about how different situations are handled globally. 

Below are pictures of my grandmothers garden in Chimbote, Peru. Then a view of the Mirador located in Toledo, Spain. Lastly, my baby cousin looking at the sunset in Lima, Peru. 

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